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Kalzium 4.1

March 30, 2009

Here are some screen shots of Kalzium for KDE 4.1.


This is the main Kalzium screen, the detailed graphical overview.
This is the iconic view of Kalzium. There are other views like, group view, block view, gradient views.


Here is the cool detailed info widget of Kalzium


Here is a gradient view


Here is the detailed info widget again. It has a lot of data on various elements.

The best part of Kalzium is the 3D molecular viewer




The above 4 shots are of a molecule in different views in Kalzium.


Kalzium help! has a wide range of topics to refer.


The som widget. You can change the temperature and observe elements melt. Currently Red – solid, green gas and blue – liquid.


Kalzium nuclide board. This has now been changed.

Kalzium is an awesome software. Try it out. Its free and open source
Sudo apt-get install kalzium.

So this is Kalzium, the periodic table of elements for KDE

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